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Welcome to Midwest!

Midwest Sustainable Energy has been providing comfort and efficiency solutions to homeowners and bussinesses for over 12 years.

The MSEC Team continues to provide it's services in a larger and more community oriented focus, and was very excited that 2009 saw the US Secretary of Commerce and the US Secretary of Energy both visit the FHUSA project in Beijing, a ZNE, Non-Toxic project that MSEC provided lead energy engineering services for. The FHUSA is located in the Future House Community, Beijing PRC, and was built by the Learn Green Foundation of Chicago. It provides a hands on demonstration of the latest and greenest in building practices and US made products. It is no surprise why FHUSA is enjoying the 'most popular' status in the FH Community Project!

From casual info to hard calculations...including all things regarding Geothermal, SIPS, ICF, Insulation, Infiltration, IR Scans, LEED, Photovoltaic, NAHB Green Build, ResNet, HERS, COSC Green Street, process development to qualify for federal and state rebates, to grant application assistance and more! Before you build or remodel, consult with MSEC to increase your sustainability quotient and provide a solid process to assure that when all is said and done, the green results you desire, are achieved!

If you are a professional builder, a home owner planning a remodeling project, a church, a school, or a community looking to develop a strategy to increase it's energy efficiency city wide, the MSEC Team can help you reach your sustainability goals!

For additional information, please call 563.508.2968, or email us.

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